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AnthroPilot is a new internet search facilitation device that incorporates real human intelligence. The increasing corporatisation of the internet and popular search engines has impeded the ability to efficiently access information via the internet and left those less savvy amongst us unable to access the benefits of smaller and often more capable operators. Many are unaware of and unable to utilize such developments as the 'open source' movement or waste too much time being mislead while attempting to access the information they need. The new search engine's emphasis will be on social networking, giving people the tools to connect in a focused way, then leaving it to them to work it out. By enabling people with skills and knowledge to connect in a transparent way with people that require those skills and that knowledge, in real-time, it is intended that mutually beneficial social interactions and the transfer of information will occur across multiple levels. When a search is conducted using the new search engine human minds will be integrating with traditional search methods to achieve more efficient information access for all.

The Short Answer

Frustrated by the ever increasing difficulty of finding things on the internet, I decided to find a better way. After much consideration I decided that we needed a way of connecting people with experience and knowledge in particular areas with those that didn't have experience and knowledge in particular areas, then getting them to communicate.

So here it is - AnthroPilot - a forum where you can ask people to help you find what you're looking for on the internet or, where you can help others find what they are looking for.

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